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Bespoke systems:
from design to start-up

Thanks to the expertise acquired over time, the company’s internal organisation, and use of latest-generation systems in the field of mechanical and electrical design, Electraimpianti Electraimpianti works alongside its clients as a partner for the analysis, design, development, routine/corrective maintenance of fire suppression and industrial pumping systems, control panels, and generator sets.

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Feasibility study and technical-commercial offer

The excellent success of a project is the product of an accurate feasibility study, preceding a technical-commercial offer in which the Electraimpianti team provides a detailed description of the offer, clearly specifying the pre-agreed components, certifications, limits, and delivery times. Nothing is left to chance.

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The team work between the mechanical and electrical departments, coordinated by the assigned project manager, ensures the production of all documentation required by the client specifications (General Arrangement, P&ID, wiring diagrams, Instrument lists, electrical hook up, etc.), thanks to the use of latest-generation software such as Inventor and Spac. The project manager coordinates the entire process, ensuring maximum collaboration between the relative technical departments, and compliance with the contractually pre-agreed delivery times.

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The heart of the company relies on a surface area of roughly 10,000 square metres, which includes the different Control, Fire&Water and Energy divisions.
The Fire&Water division and Energy division, managed by the production manager, rely on work cells for cutting and welding, carpentry, painting and assembly. Each sector is managed by trained and certified personnel who are experts in their specific role, and who with the help of measuring and control instruments are able to verify compliance with the requested parameters at any time. Last but not least, production is equipped with a bridge crane and all internal and external handling equipment to easily and safely handle the systems. The control division has a fixed team of around 50 people including engineers, wiring technicians, and testers. Drawings, control systems, highly qualified personnel and precision tools to test every single control panel produced, make this Electraimpianti division a genuine example of Italian excellence.

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Electraimpianti has two pump testing rooms. An internal room where horizontal pumps are tested, and an external room to test vertical pumps and large-sized systems such as packaged systems complete with enclosures, containerised systems or generator sets. Based on need, tests can be attended by both clients and external certification bodies. Both testing stations are equipped with measuring and data collection systems with calibration certificate.

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Start-up - commissioning and training

The client is never left to themselves. The Electraimpianti team guides the client through to the final stage, providing a start-up service for their systems in addition to staff training for the client’s personnel, explaining and demonstrating the use of the system on-site in detail. The Electraimpianti service is completed by detailed documentation in the local language and a document book supplied with the system

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After-sales and on-site assistance

Ongoing care for the system is what makes the difference in critical situations; that’s why Electraimpianti offers meticulous on-site service and assistance for its systems, managing both the corrective and routine maintenance directly on-site with its own team of qualified technicians, or else supplying only the spare parts necessary for the maintenance and repair of its systems.
The modern traceability system allows Electraimpianti to trace every system built, even many years later, every document book, performance test, spare part, and service. We are Partners, not just suppliers.


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