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Customisation, engineering, spare parts, and after-sales service


Consultancy - Design - Customisation

The Electraimpianti approach is hinged on consultancy during the initial stages of the design, and the flexibility of customisation. It is in fact possible to create a fully customised system that satisfies the pre-specified requirements of use identified in the engineering project.

At Electraimpianti, every project is studied, designed, developed and tested in respect of each client specification. Even the following stages of on-site testing, commissioning, and start-up can be carried out by the company’s specialised technicians.

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Customer assistance

To ensure clients receive the best possible assistance, Electraimpianti guarantees . One of our technicians can attend during the delicate start-up stage, to confirm the success of the installation.

Customer assistance is a 100% complete service that guarantees technical support in the case of electrical or mechanical system faults, which will be resolved by the technicians in charge through the accurate servicing of pumping systems, i control panels or generator sets.

Repairs, technical support or reconditioning

Electraimpianti boasts a smart internal organisation designed to offer efficient and professional services: every single request is addressed by the project manager in charge who works with a highly qualified team.

The company offers professional assistance for general support, repairs, and the reconditioning of fire suppression systems, generator sets, and control panels either supplied directly by the company or belonging to other brands.


The systems must be regularly inspected: both for routine maintenance and corrective maintenance, Electraimpianti has a team of professionals, who are also BOSIET certified for off-shore works, and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse.

Specific contracts can be stipulated for 24-hour response times on-site, or for the remote monitoring of the status of systems or generator sets.

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Thousands of square metres of warehouse space, with more than 50,000 codified items

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Electraimpianti offers training services in its own facilities, at company premises or directly on-site.

Training covers the theoretical and practical aspects of how the control units work, of the macro components of the system, as well as regulatory aspects.

The training is conducted by highly qualified technicians.

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